BLINGING In Las Vegas

Shot On Sight at MGM Grand Hotel At Mayweather Press Conference

Mayweather Camp is SHINING WITH STARPOWER in Las Vegas!!!  The Fans were off the chain cheering and rooting for Mayweather from

the very moment Floyd “Money” Mayweather arrived in his Two White Maybach’s with the curtains drawn.


THERE SLOGAN WAS “We make Champions” and the champions to be were there in numbers, serious about there game.  Things are beginning to heat up 3 days before the fight.

Earnie Shavers & MYR Sports Director, Dana.

Boxer Seth Michael’s

MYR CEO/Editor-In-Chief, Blake & Seth Michael

Blake, Seth, and MYR Media Editor, Sharon.

Sharon & Free.

Free & Blake.

Ken Norton and his daughter, with Dana.

BlakeJackie Long

Actor Jackie Long and Sharon.

Dana and Zab Judah.

Sharon, Big Tigger, and Blake.

Dana, Free, and Jackie Long

HOT In Phoenix!

Shot On Sight at HomeBase Poetry!

They are HOT IN PHOENIX! Home Base Poetry is one of the world’s biggest poetry set gatherings with hundreds of attendees coming out to enjoy Spoken Word and Live Music every 1st and 3rd Sunday! It brings together the nations hottest poets and most talented musicians to perform and wow the crowd!

Pictures & Videos below from their Labor Day Weekend Celebration!

The Host Extraordinaire of Home Base Poetry, Harold Branch.

Samba AZ Dancers gracefully blessed the stage with their amazing performance!

Damien, Najah, and JonJon enjoyed the festivities.

Chuck promoted the new book, Smile, one of the most talked about love stories

Miquela came out to support her big brother H.B.

All you ladies looking for a sports program for toddlers, GEBA Sports with LeRoy is the place you want to go!
(It doesn’t hurt that he’s tall, dark, or handsome either!)

Trina won a fabulous pair of Basketball Wives inspired earrings given by Madeyourelevant

Vaughn makin’ his snake skin shoes RELEVANT!
Tanya swayed the crowd with her band, Mother’s Favorite Child, at the HB event!

Rashad really knew how to brighten up the night!

Check out more info about Home Base at


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