Queen of Plastic: NICKI MINAJ on Reinvention

Posted: 02/23/2012 in Categories

On if it’s hard this time around to be a perfectionist this time around: ”Actually, I’m writing 10 times quicker that I wrote the first album because I’m a lot more confident in who I am. The music is pretty much done, but we may hold the album back a bit so that things are done perfectly as opposed to being rushed, in terms of promotion.”

On if she’s intimidating: “I would say that people are cautious of the way they come to me. I’m just about my business. So when I meet people, it doesn’t matter how big of a celebrity they are, I maintain who I am. I maintain respect for myself. I’d rather people be intimidated than to be too comfortable.”

On reinventing herself: ”I’m always switching it up, so when I finally finished the tours and I came home and I relaxed, I just started feeling a certain way. And depending on my mood is when I change my hair up. And it just happens to coincide with the new album. But it wasn’t something that we said, ‘Hey, new album coming out we have to reinvent ourselves,’ because everyday is a reinvention.”


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